Jimmy Kimmel Recruits Fred Willard to Join Faux Gonzaga Feud

In reality, the men's basketball team advanced to the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament and Thursday will take on Florida State in Anaheim.
Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube
Fred Willard as Dr. Gonzo Aga on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Jimmy Kimmel continued Monday to take potshots at Gonzaga on his eponymous ABC late-night show, holding the line that he (jokingly) believes the university located in Spokane, Wash., doesn't actually exist. 

The late-night host started the bit last week as the men's Bulldog basketball team kept advancing in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.  

Previously, Kimmel quipped that footage of the college on local news looked like "extras in front of a green screen," which led to Spokane reporters and students pushing back (all in fun). 

The dean of the Gonzaga law school and Washington attorney general even got involved in the faux feud, sending Kimmel a video of law students swearing the university is real. 

Kimmel responded to that with a bit featuring iconic comic actor Fred Willard, who pretended to be the chancellor of Gonzaga, named Dr. Gonzo Aga. His story fell apart quick and Kimmel used that as proof Gonzaga is a myth. 

In reality, the Gonzaga men's basketball team has advanced to the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament and will take on Florida State on Thursday in Anaheim, Calif., for a bid to advance to the Elite 8. 

Watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live! bit below.