Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Losing the Emmy to John Oliver (Again) on 'Last Week Tonight'

John Oliver-Jimmy Kimmel-Publicity Stills-Split-H 2019
Lloyd Bishop/HBO; ABC

John Oliver didn't comment on his show's Emmy win on Sunday's edition of Last Week Tonight, but fellow nominee Jimmy Kimmel did.

Oliver's main segment was about compounding pharmacies, where he dove into the New England Compounding Center scandal in 2012 that led to a meningitis outbreak that killed more than 100 people and sickened hundreds more. Several former employees have been convicted of fraud and other illegal activities as a result.

As part of the criminal activity, staffers were using fake names to falsify prescriptions, like Big Baby Jesus, Roy Rogers, Wonder Woman and Bud Weiser.

They also used fictional and celebrity patient names, including Kimmel, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell's character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall), RuPaul, David Schwimmer, Michael Bolton, Method Man and Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland's character in 24).

As part of an ending bit to Oliver's segment, all of those famous folks appeared in a mock PSA where they implored compounding pharmacies like NECC not to use their names to in their "bulls**t prescriptions," in the words of Method Man.

For his part, Kimmel first introduced himself as "America's favorite late-night host. By far."

Later, after RuPaul declared that "our names don't belong on your fraudulent spinal medication," Method Man said his name belongs "on a platinum album," while Schwimmer said his belongs on a "list of America's top pretend paleontologists," referring to his Friends character's job.

And Kimmel chimed in with: "And mine belongs on the Emmy for outstanding variety talk series that somebody else keeps winning over and over again." (Watch the entire segment at the end of this story.)

Last Week Tonight, of course, won the Emmy last Sunday in the category for a fourth consecutive year, once again beating out fellow nominees The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, The Late Late Show With James Corden, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and, yep, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It's not the first time that Kimmel has playfully poked fun at Oliver's Emmy streak. Earlier this year, Kimmel took a cue from Last Week Tonight's ads in his own For Your Consideration Emmy ad.

The ABC late-night show's ad resembled promotional materials for Oliver's HBO show, with Kimmel sporting the same hairstyle and glasses as Oliver as he peers in from the right side of the image.