Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News Jokes That Martin Luther King, Jr. Endorsed Donald Trump

And people believed it.
Sean Rayford/Getty Images
Donald Trump

A lot of people don't know much about Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Adults sometimes have a tendency to forget things," said Jimmy Kimmel on Monday's late-night episode, introducing a reel of his popular Lie Witness News segment.

In honor of the national holiday, Jimmy Kimmel Live! polled Hollywood passersby about the fake headline that the late civil rights activist has endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Even further, the correspondent noted that King did so after despite being kicked off Celebrity Apprentice and never voted for Barack Obama for president (technically, the latter is true, since he's deceased.)

Still it makes sense, since Malcolm X has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president — because they vacation together in Martha's Vineyard, one commented.

Watch the video below.