'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' to Return to Brooklyn for Week of Shows (Exclusive)

As the late-night competition heats up, Kimmel plans a week of NYC episodes beginning Oct. 19.
ABC/Randy Holmes
Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is headed back to New York (the borough of Brooklyn, to be exact) and into the camp of his main late-night competitors — right when they won't be tending their own stores.

In October, ABC’s late-night star is taking his show back to Brooklyn (where he was born 47 years ago) during a week when both NBC’s Jimmy Fallon and CBS’ Stephen Colbert will be on hiatus, giving Kimmel the big city all to himself.

ABC is expected to announce the news of the Kimmel trip during its TCA press tour day in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! will produce five shows (the show usually only does four new shows a week) at the Brooklyn Academy of Music the week of Oct. 19. Local residents may want to batten down their hatches. When the comic brought his ABC show to Brooklyn in October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the metropolitan area, and Kimmel was forced to cancel his first show that week.

The timing of the trip underscores the expectation that the intensity of the networks' late-night competition will be ratcheted up this fall as Colbert joins the fray, replacing David Letterman on CBS. That will mean three new-generation late-night stars going head-to-head on three of the four broadcast networks.

Kimmel’s invasion of the home territory of both Fallon and Colbert will come a little over a month after Colbert plants his flag as the latest network-late-night star. Colbert’s entrance is expected to attract enormous attention, which likely will overshadow Kimmel for a time.

But the ABC star seems eager to elbow his way onto stage center to counter the initial Colbert hoopla. Having New York to himself for a week should give Kimmel an opportunity to regain some momentum against the top-rated Fallon and the highly anticipated Colbert.