Jimmy Kimmel Follows Oscar Night 'Movie' Trailer With Behind The Scenes Clips (Video)

Proving once again that Hollywood can laugh at itself as well as it can celebrate itself, the stars of the faux "Movie: the Movie" trailer that ran during Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards gave some mockumentary-like interviews in a segment that aired on Kimmel's show on Monday night.

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Just as Sunday's spoof played on the cliches and tropes of today's movies, the behind-the-scenes segment goofed on actors' self-seriousness, penchant for flouting obvious product placement deals and vanity.

George Clooney, who played a disabled NASA scientist in the movie trailer, sets the tone by talking about how rare it is for actors to honor themselves - and then rattling off a list of all the award season ceremonies; from there, the highlights include Don Cheadle, in his Black Swan costume and makeup, demanding an extreme closeup; John Krasinksi mocking wife Emily Blunt's London accent; and Gabourey Sidibe, dressed as Hitler, explaining her desire to portray the Nazi dictator "as he was always meant to be portrayed: as a woman of color."

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The After the Academy Awards special, Kimmel's seventh, also featured a mock segment called "Oprah's Book Club Fight Club" and earned its highest ratings yet, with 5.1 million, a 14 percent jump from the 4.45 million that tuned in last year.