Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar Special Includes A-List Trailer, 'Oprah's Book Club Fight Club' (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Live George Clooney after Oscars Special - H 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Live George Clooney after Oscars Special - H 2012

Jimmy Kimmel got by with a lot of help from his friends on Sunday night.

ABC's Live host held his annual post-Oscars special, and the broadcast featured two ambitious new entries into his catalog of viral clips.

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First up, Kimmel debuted the nine-minute long trailer for "Movie: The Movie." The spoof, drawing on tropes from all manner of cliche films, featured cameos from almost too many famous faces to count.

With George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Tom Hanks, Charlize Theron, Matt Damon and Colin Farrell topping the guest list, highlights also included Gary Oldman as a centaur, Gabby Sidibe as "Black Hitler" and Daniel Day Lewis as Tyler Perry as George Washington.

It's the most ambitious movie you'll never see.

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Kimmel also brought on Oprah Winfrey as the night's big guest. And when the TV honcho started talking about the difficulties of "building" OWN from scratch, they played a prepackaged video of his "pitch meeting" with Oprah about new series.

Best idea? "Oprah's Book Club Fight Club." Also the best idea? "Oprah Repos Her Favorite Things."

Watch both of the Kimmel clips below: