Jimmy Kimmel Previews Oscar Night Spoof 'Movie: The Movie 2V' (Video)

2VMovieOneSheet - P 2013

2VMovieOneSheet - P 2013

Jimmy Kimmel tends to raise the bar every year with his annual post-Oscar broadcast on ABC.

Following Tom Hanks' rather sublime spoof of Toddlers & Tiaras, the 2012 Oscar episode of Live! included an extended trailer for Movie: The Movie. A star-studded fake film, with a cast that boasted Hanks, Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Martin Scorsese and Helen Mirren, the spot went predictably viral the next day and even wound up playing on 5,686 cinema screens in theaters nationwide.

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And though he's likely still holding much of this year's follow-up close to the vest, Kimmel's camp did release a preview Thursday morning. Roughly 30 seconds of the Movie: The Movie 2V trailer features the host wearing two eye patches and cameos from Jessica Chastain, Jude Law, Amanda Seyfried, Bruno Mars, Rachel Weisz and Bradley Cooper.

Perhaps most notably, Cooper is shown fending off a scantily clad male mummy, screaming: "They're too sexy! They're too sexy!" while a small child clings to his back.