Jimmy Kimmel Reunites 'Friends' Co-Stars to Read Awkward Fan Fiction

Friends Reunion - H 2014

Does Jimmy Kimmel want to be Jennifer Aniston's lobster?

The talk show host welcomed Aniston to his show Tuesday, and — to the delight of Friends fanatics everywhere — the pair did a little role-playing in an exact replica of Monica and Rachel's apartment. Yes, even the picture frame around the peephole was there. 

With the show hitting its 20th anniversary next month, Aniston was joined by several of her former co-stars to act out Kimmel's fan-fiction episode of the beloved '90s sitcom. Prepare to hear the words "make love" repeated more times than you'd probably care to. 

But why weren't all six Friends stars there? As Kimmel explains, Marcel the monkey is to blame. Poor Marcel. 

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