Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Gosling Travel to Space to Celebrate 'First Man' Trailer Release

Upon the release of the first trailer for Ryan Gosling’s Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, Jimmy Kimmel decided to interview the actor in a more appropriate surrounding during his guest appearance Friday night: outer space. 

Shown sitting together in a spacecraft donning astronaut suits, Gosling ("who's very, very sexy," according to Kimmel's security guard, Guillermo Rodriguez, who introduced the clip) and the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host shared some quips about their faux journey.

"Is it a ship or a capsule that we're in right now?" Kimmel asked, to which Gosling quipped, "These are the questions?"

Continuing to ask space travel-related questions, Kimmel asked where the bathroom was. "I mean, you're sitting in it. We've been here for a minute, and you've already taken it into the toilet," Gosling deadpanned.

The pair also paid homage to the George Clooney 2013 astronaut film Gravity, with Kimmel interrupting Gosling to look outside their window.

“Oh, look at that! It’s George Clooney,” Kimmel told Gosling, as he pointed outside to a floating astronaut with a digitally altered face of Clooney. In Gravity, Clooney’s character's final moments showcase the actor floating off into space. “Well, that’s pretty exciting. I wouldn’t have imagined any celebrities in space,” Kimmel quipped, as Gosling failed to refrain from laughter. 

The two also discussed such topics as marriage in space and the darkness and "infinite mystery" of the galaxy. 

Gosling, Chazelle and Claire Foy previewed the first footage from the pic during this year’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas. While onstage, Gosling called Armstrong and company's Apollo 11 mission the “most astonishing journey in history."