Jimmy Kimmel Says 'The Man Show' Would "Be More Popular" If It Aired Today

The ABC late-night host also listed the guests he wouldn't want to visit his show, including Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr., when he visited 'Watch What Happens Live' on Tuesday.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Despite The Man Show receiving scrutiny in the wake of the #MeToo movement, Jimmy Kimmel believes the Comedy Central show, which he co-created and starred in alongside Adam Carolla, would thrive if it was on TV today.

"I think not only would it be possible, I think it would be more popular than it ever was," said Kimmel of the series on Monday's Watch What Happens Live after Cohen asked if the show, which was designed to celebrate and criticize the loutish male perspective, would be positively perceived in 2019.

"There's a certain portion of society that is outraged — behind the outrage — and I think they would probably find it to be exhilarating," he explained, touching on the recent backlash.

He added that he would not participate in the series if it was rebooted.

The two hosts also discussed deal breakers when it comes to the guests that they have on their respective shows.

Cohen first asked if Kimmel gets "pissed" when a guest cancels their appearance at the last minute. "That doesn't happen very much," he said. "We call our show live. We're not actually live, so it's a little easier for us to accommodate."

Kimmel also revealed that Barbra Streisand once asked that they switch seats on Jimmy Kimmel Live! so she would be sitting in the host's chair. He refused the request and she didn't appear on the show. "It was the condition," he said. "But the condition was we couldn't talk about the fact that we switched around. I was like, 'I just don't see how this would work.'"

Cohen said that Mariah Carey made him switch seats with her four times during an appearance.

Kimmel was then asked if he has confronted guests who were rude to his crew. "I usually don't find out about it until afterwards, but I definitely keep it with me," he answered.

He also revealed that he likes when guests dance around questions because it keeps things interesting and that he is not offended when guests refuse to take part in bits for his show. "When someone doesn't like one of the bit ideas and refuses to do it, I figure they're probably right," he said.

The segment concluded with a game of Pass the Mic. The game forced each host to name a guest they wouldn't want on their shows.

Cohen said Omarosa Manigault Newman, Rams owner Stan Kroenke, Tucker Carlson and the "cash me outside" girl.

Meanwhile, Kimmel listed Sean Hannity, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump as the guests he would hate to have on his show.

Also during the appearance, Kimmel was asked by a caller to say three nice things about Hannity. The request was in light of the past feud between the two, sparked after Hannity took offense to a joke Kimmel made about Melania Trump. The two soon began to take jabs at each other during their shows.

Hannity used clips from The Man Show to target Kimmel.

"Let's see. He's got a nice, square jaw," Kimmel began with his compliments. "He's not a bad-looking guy and I think he's tall."

Cohen added that Hannity has nice hair, to which Kimmel agreed.

Kimmel then admitted that he has found himself in a number of public feuds, including with Kanye West and Jay Leno. "All my feuds get nasty," he said. "I think it's me. I think I'm the common denominator."