Jimmy Kimmel Sets Science-Based Prank Show at Discovery

Jimmy Kimmel and Discovery Channel are teaming for a hidden-camera show that will exact revenge on wrongdoers using homemade technology.

The cable network has ordered eight episodes of a show called Revenge of the Nerd (working title). The series, which will star YouTuber Mark Rober, aims to "right the world of wrongs."

Rober, a former NASA scientist whose YouTube channel boasts nearly 10 million subscribers, is probably best known for a viral video from 2018 in which he built a glitter bomb that blasted thieves who stole packages from his front porch. 

In the show, Kimmel and Rober will scour the world to catch evildoers in the act — and punish them using homemade technology and creative engineering. Rober will lead a team of "Avengineers" who identify troublemakers and build devices to teach them lessons they won't likely forget. 

Rober and Kimmel announced the show Tuesday night on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Revenge of the Nerd comes from Kimmel's company Kimmelot, which is also behind ABC's Live in Front of a Studio Audience specials and an ABC game show called Generation Gap, produced with Mark Burnett's MGM Television, among other projects.

Kimmel, Rober and Kimmelot president Scott Lonker will executive produce the Discovery show along with Scott Lewers and Joseph Boyle of Discovery and ITV America's David George and Karen Kunkel Young.