Jimmy Kimmel to Take Break From Hosting Late Night Show to Spend Time With Family

Jimmy Kimmel Live! host - Publicity - H 2020

Jimmy Kimmel is taking a hiatus from his late-night show. 

During Thursday's broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late-night host announced that the episode would make his "last new show for the summer." "I'm taking the summer off to spend even more time with my family," Kimmel announced. 

"I've been doing this job for almost 18 years. I've done 3,130 shows and there's nothing wrong. My family is healthy, I'm healthy. I just need a couple of months off," he explained. 

While on break, Kimmel said "a cavalcade of very kind and capable people will be filling in" for him on his shows going forward. Starting Monday, Jimmy Kimmel Live! will air re-runs for two weeks, before guest hosts step in. 

Kimmel has welcomed guest hosts in past broadcasts including former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, among others. 

During Kimmel's announcement Thursday, actor Matt Damon made a guest appearance, marking the latest installment in the mock feud existing between Kimmel and Damon, which has lasted for more than a decade.

"I've been back here for three months waiting to get on," Damon told Kimmel, as he donned a robe and mask, joking that he's been staying at Kimmel's studio amid the pandemic. 

Later on, the actor continued to poke fun at Kimmel for having a copy of Tori Spelling's Storytelling book. "I read it three times," Damon said, before Kimmel argued that it's a "great book." 

Kimmel's wife is then later shown entering Damon's room, leaving Kimmel to yell, "You son of a bitch! You did it again." 

"Hey Molly, get your mask on! I'm on my way," Damon yells before telling Kimmel, "have a great summer in lake or wherever you're going." 

"I'm sorry you had to see that. I am going to get a divorce," Kimmel joked. 

Watch his announcement with Damon below.