Jimmy Kimmel Tees Off on Trump, Randy Quaid Over Election Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night took multiple shots at Donald Trump and Randy Quaid after the two men made headlines that morning with a series of bizarre tweets about the 2020 election.

The situation began when Trump shared a number of days-old tweets from the disgraced actor, which include a gibberish strobe-light video attacking Fox News and another post in which Quaid demanded an election do-over since Joe Biden was declared the projected winner weeks ago.

"Look out, kids. Santa's been eating bath salts this year," the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host quipped of Quaid's shaggy appearance in the video. "Randy Quaid, let's just say he makes Gary Busey look like Dr. [Anthony] Fauci."

Earlier in the day, both Trump and Quaid were roundly mocked on social media for the posts, numerous users replying with memes of Cousin Eddie, Quaid's bumbling, dimwitted character from the National Lampoon Vacation film series.

Joked Kimmel, "He has a long list of accomplishments outside of acting, too. He's been arrested a few times, he tried to get asylum in Canada, he believes there's a group called 'The Hollywood Star Wackers' that is plotting to kill him — and our president re-tweeted that person."

Once Quaid was aware his name was making headlines on Tuesday, he said it was a "great honor" to have his posts shared by Trump and claimed the major outlets that covered the situation "hated" the two men.

Watch Kimmel's full monologue below.