Jimmy Kimmel Thanks Denzel Washington for Saving Oscars After Envelopegate

It turns out Denzel Washington played an important role in helping Jimmy Kimmel get through the biggest blunder in Oscars history. 

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday to promote his upcoming film, The Equalizer 2, the talk show host revealed that Washington was key in a moment of shock and panic. 

"I want to thank you for something, and I don't even know if you're aware of this, but when I hosted the Oscars — not last year, but the year before — I was on stage and of course there was a little mix-up at the end of the show," Kimmel said. "And I was confused, as was everyone, expect for you, because I didn't know what exactly to do. And I look out in to the audience and you look at me and you point to Barry Jenkins, the director of Moonlight, and you go [motion], bring him to the mic." 

Kimmel, of course, was referring to the jaw-dropping moment when La La Land was mistakenly announced as best picture, when, in fact, the winner was Moonlight

The talk show host said Washington, in that moment, helped him snap back into the situation. 

"So, I saved the Oscars," Washington replied, to which Kimmel responded, "You saved me and the Oscars!" 

After taking a little bow, Washington said, "I didn't win an Oscar, I just saved it." 

Kimmel argued saving the Oscars is more important than winning one. Washington has won two Academy Awards, just not since 2002.

The two also talked sports as the acclaimed actor is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and was thrilled the team recently acquired LeBron James. 

James and Washington have met, but they do not know each other personally, Washington said. However, the actor is friends with former Laker icon and current team president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson. So he called Johnson to congratulate him on luring James away from Cleveland. 

"He got me off the phone because too many people were calling," Washington said with a chuckle. "But I did call him to congratulate him."