Jimmy Kimmel Throws Bryan Cranston an Over-the-Top 'Super Sweet 60' Party

Bryan Cranston Sweet 60 on Jimmy Kimmel - H 2016

"Hi, I'm Bryan Cranston, six-time award-winning actor. I'm sexy, I'm cute and I love the spotlight."

Thus begins the Breaking Bad star's Super Sweet 60th birthday party on Friday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, planned by the best in the business, Jimby Kimble

"This is my time to shine bright like a diamond," Cranston quotes Rihanna to his parents, who try to keep him to a budget. All Cranston asks for is five crowns, a new car and for Sisqo to perform at his party. 

Kimmel's spoof of MTV's Super Sweet 16 also includes a tense meeting with a party planner, a spoiled birthday boy, a movie theme (Brion King), even party-boy's BFF Bob Odenkirk to help with outfit planning: "That hat's too hatty." 

The spoof segment even includes a major tantrum by the birthday boy in a climactic moment when party planner Jimby Kimble spells his name wrong, then an even worse moment when a certain partygoer shows up in the same outfit. 

Watch the full video below.