Jimmy Kimmel Takes a Walk Down Memory Lane, Tours Hometown Brooklyn (Exclusive Video)

Jimmy Kimmel is coming home.

No, not to The Man Show. And no, not Win Ben Stein's Money, either. The Live! host is actually going home home, as in to Brooklyn, where he grew up worshipping David Letterman and will next week host five episodes of his own show -- with Letterman set to take a turn as one of his guests.

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Much of the Brooklyn of Kimmel's childhood is  transformed -- there are skinny jeans, ironic mustaches, professional sports teams, and a world-record number of strollers -- but from the looks of it, his home neighborhood of Mill Basin has a real old school charm.

In this exclusive clip, Kimmel takes his pal/security guard/comic foil Guillermo on a tour of the neighborhood, which now no longer has a beach (the city dredged that) but retains an old suburban feel along Jamaica Bay. Just taking a tour turns Kimmel into a big kid.