Jimmy Kimmel: Clear "Beyond a Treasonable Doubt" That Putin Has Incriminating Video of Trump

Jimmy Kimmel addressed Donald Trump's press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki Summit on Monday'sepisode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

"Today was maybe the strangest of all 542 bizarre days of Donald Trump's reign of error. Today may have been the weirdest," began the host. "President's been to Europe, insulting our allies and rubbing his nipples up against our enemies."

Kimmel then reminded the audience of Trump's meeting with the Queen of England, in which he walked in front of her. "You're not supposed to turn your back on the Queen or put ketchup in her tea or take the hat off her head and swat a fly with it. You're not supposed to do any of those things, but that turned out to be nothing compared to what happened in Finland.

"Helsinki has frozen over. The President of the United States today publicly sided with Russia over our own FBI on the subject of cyber attacks on our election," said Kimmel.

The host explained that before the press conference, Trump said that he was going into it with low expectations. "Yeah, we all were," said Kimmel.

He then pointed out that Trump and Putin met alone with their interpreters for nearly two hours before the press conference. "Reportedly Trump wanted to meet with Putin alone because he didn't want his advisers to see him naked, which is natural."

Kimmel shared a clip from the press conference that features Trump denying Putin's involvement with the 2016 election. "I don’t see any reason why it would be [Russia interfering with the election]," Trump said about Putin's involvement. "If you’re wondering whether or not Vladimir Putin has incriminating video of Donald Trump, we now know, beyond a treasonable doubt, that he does," responded Kimmel.

A clip of Trump stating that Putin has made an "incredible offer" to have Russian investigators help the FBI was shared. "It is [incredible] in that it lacks any credibility whatsoever," Kimmel joked. "Putin's just having fun with this now. He actually offered to have his intelligence agents investigate the hacking of our election. That's like Papa John offering to investigate who's been saying all the racist stuff at the company."

"It was a total win for Putin and a shameful day for America, although Donald Trump didn’t go home empty-handed. After Trump praised Russia for their job hosting the World Cup, Putin gave his puppet a little gift," said Kimmel. The host then cut to a clip of Putin handing Trump a soccer ball before the latter threw the ball into the audience for wife Melania.

"And then Trump closed things out as only Donald Trump can. By switching gears back to the witch hunt," said Kimmel before sharing a clip of Trump calling out FBI agent Peter Strzok's congressional testimony in which he addressed his anti-Trump texts that were sent out during the campaign. "That's right. Always close with your biggest hits. That's the way to go."

Many Democrats and Republicans have been outspoken about their disapproval of the press conference, including former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kimmel shared a clip of Schwarzenegger referring to Trump as a "little wet noodle" and a "fanboy" of Putin during the press conference. He concluded the clip by asking Trump what is wrong with him.

"When the guy who impregnated his housekeeper wants to know what's the matter with you, there's something the matter with you," said Kimmel.

The Trump-Putin summit was a hot topic on late-night Monday, with Stephen ColbertSeth Meyers and Trevor Noah among the hosts who weighed in on the event.