Jimmy Kimmel Unveils People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2020

Jimmy Kimmel Live
ABC/Randy Holmes

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday revealed the cover star of People's sexiest man alive competition.

But first, there was a guessing game. The sexiest man came into the studio fully masked and disguised in a yellow hazmat suit, while audience members asked questions to figure out who he was.

"Do you work in film?" was the first question. He answered "yes." The second question was, "Are you an Avenger in movies?" to which the candidate answered, "No." Then came, "Are you married?" Again, "No."

The "no's" kept coming. "Do you have a celebrity sibling or parent?" "No." "Have you ever been in a romantic relationship with Taylor Swift?" "No."

Finally, a "yes" came when an audience member asked if he had over 5 million Instagram followers. She then guessed Channing Tatum, which was incorrect.

After confirming that the sexiest man did not play Aquaman (ruling out Jason Mamoa), does not have children, and isn't known for being funny, an audience member guessed "Michael B. Jordan." That was correct.

Jordan has received the honor this year, passed on from 2019's winner, John Legend.

After the commercial break, Jordan emerged out of the hazmat suit and in his regular clothes, dressed up for the occasion. Asked if he feels more pressure now that he is the sexiest man, Jordan said, "Just a little bit, but it's a cool title to have." He said that he found out in the car with a family friend, when his publicist and manager gave him a call. Immediately his friend ragged on him, because being the "sexiest man" is cool for anyone who doesn't know you, explained Jordan, but for anyone who does — it's something to have a laugh about.

The actor, who says he had continued to work throughout lockdown, is currently preparing for the movie Journal for Jordan, which Denzel Washington is directing.