Jimmy Kimmel Calls Weinstein's Reported Coronavirus Prognosis "Some Good News"

In the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Minilogue, the late-night host addressed the latest news on the coronavirus, including Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul's positive diagnosis, Trump's tweet about Asian Americans and Harvey Weinstein rumored to have the virus. 

As the second week of quarantine begins, Kimmel addressed an issue that still continues: Trump referring to the coronavirus as "the Chinese virus." "The result of that is an army of imbeciles blaming people of Chinese descent for the virus," Kimmel said. 

Taking to Twitter, Trump emphasized that it's "not their fault" and stated that "they are working closely with us to get rid of it. We will prevail." Confused by Trump's statement, Kimmel argued: "They are us! It says it right there in the name: Asian American. It's the second word." 

"He somehow manages to be racist while telling other people not to be racist," Kimmel added. 

Kimmel then turned his attention to another political figure: Sen. Paul, who recently tested positive for COVID-19. While waiting for his results, Paul reportedly worked out in the Senate gym, including swimming in the pool. "Can you imagine that you're waiting for test results, you go swimming in the Senate pool?" Kimmel said after also explaining the concern that exists among other members of Congress who were close to Paul. "By the way, he's a doctor. Not a good one, apparently, but Rand Paul is a medical doctor. So now hopefully he's in quarantine." 

As a precaution, Sen. Mitt Romney, whose wife has MS, is self-quarantining. After Romney was mentioned during the White House press conference, Trump said: "Gee, that's too bad."

"Even in our darkest hours, the president still finds time to be a catty little bitch," Kimmel said. 

Kimmel also briefly mentioned Weinstein's possible positive diagnosis, something he says was "some good news" to hear amid the pandemic. 

Later in the show, Kimmel made a run to grab milk ("I feel like a lonely James Corden right now," he said while filming from inside his car) and paid a visit to comedian Bill Burr. 

As Kimmel remained inside his car and Burr on his driveway, the two discussed how they've been holding up while social distancing. "I've been trying to get off the road for like ten years. This is great," quipped Burr. "I miss doing the shows. I just don't miss LAX."

Discussing how the pandemic has impacted the world, Burr emphasized how this is not the first time Americans have had to deal with a rapidly spreading virus. "We survived the AIDS epidemic. If we could survive that, we can survive this," he said. 

Burr went on to say that he's been at home with his wife and three-year-old. "I'm immature as hell. It's not good for my wife because now she has two kids at home," he explained. He also said he has been helpful with chores because he's aware that he's a lot to deal with: "I understand the plight of my life being married to me, so I really go out of my way to do all the little things to make up for the big thing that is me." 

The two later chatted about the NFL, grocery shopping and more. Watch the full segment below.