Jimmy Kimmel's Goddaughter Gives Him a Deer-Inspired Makeover

Jimmy Kimmel took the time to understand the viral trend of makeup tutorials by letting his goddaughter give him a makeover on Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"The internet is a mysterious place. There's so much weirdness. It's impossible to follow all of it," said the late-night host while introducing the segment. Kimmel explained that he likes to keep up with the latest trends because he has two young children, though "it's challenging because there's so much out there."

"So I asked my goddaughter Franki, who is 7 years old, to teach me about something she enjoys online," he said. "She introduced me to a world I was unaware of. The world of makeup tutorials."

The episode then cut to a prerecorded segment. After introducing his goddaughter, Kimmel asked Franki what she learns from online makeup tutorials. "Umm, makeup," she responded. She added that she only wears makeup at her grandmother's house, "but not a lot."

Kimmel informed the audience that Franki's grandmother is his aunt. He said, "She really does a beautiful job with her makeup." He then shared a number of unflattering snapshots of Franki's grandmother.

Franki told Kimmel that she finds fake eyelashes "disgusting," which her grandmother wears. She said, "Because you have new eyelashes on, and it's really hurtful."

The two then watched some makeup tutorials, including one inspired by My Little Pony and one that teaches viewers how to apply makeup to look like a deer. They decided that they'd watch the second video and then Franki would try to make Kimmel look like a deer.

As Franki began to contour his face, Kimmel asked if he already looked like a deer. "Are people gonna call me a racist online after this?" he asked. Franki responded, "I don’t know."

Throughout the process, Kimmel asked Franki the important question of who her favorite Spice Girl is. "Um, I don't know what that means," she responded.

As Franki delicately applied eyeliner, Kimmel asked if that moment would be a good time for him to get on a trampoline. She responded, "No. This is a good time to relax."

Following a montage of Franki turning Kimmel into a deer, the host looked at himself in the mirror and said, "Wow. That's really good. I look like a deer." She responded, "I know."

After Kimmel complimented her work, Franki said, "Oh, thank you. I thought it was gonna be horrible, but I was good."

"And you learned all that just from this tutorial. That's pretty good," said Kimmel. "You know what? I'll tell you something. On Halloween, I'm gonna need you to come over."

The segment concluded with a final photo of Franki's grandma. "You should do her next," he told Franki.

Watch the full clip above.