Joan Rivers Calls Obama, Mitt Romney 'Idiots' (Video)

Joan Rivers
Dee Cercone/Everett Collection/Newscom

"My home number [and] 'If lost, please call Betty White.' "

Joan Rivers generally reserves her trademark critiques for the red carpet. But on Wednesday she put President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney through the wringer. 

What does she think of the candidates? 

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"Both idiots," Rivers said during an interview broadcast on CNN's Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien. "How dare you spend two years campaigning? This country is in trouble. They should do what England does: Six weeks to find out what everyone thinks before they vote for Parliament."

The comedian and host of E’s Fashion Police also offered pointed advice (more like commands) to the candidates.

“First of all, the president: get into the White House and do your God-dam*ed duty,” Rivers said. “And Mitt Romney. Two years you all hate each other, and now you’re all going to come together and say, ‘But we really love him?’”

The interview comes days after Rivers slammed Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the richest Americans. 

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“I’m also being chastised because I work 18 hours a day and make a living,” Rivers told Politico. "I feel that I’m part of the 2 percent and I’m really not interested in a woman who has 95 children and has 95 husbands. I think the Chinese have it right: You each have one children, two children and you take care of them.”

In the same interview, the comedian avowed her hatred for politics, and insisted she was apolitical. 

Last week, Rivers celebrated both her 79th birthday and the release of her new book I Hate Everyone, Starting with Me.