Joel McHale Travels to (and Mocks) Ireland in Esquire Network Series 'The Getaway' (Video)

A revolving cast of famous faces explore the world's greatest cities in the new Esquire Network series The Getaway.

The channel, which launched Monday (taking the place of Style Network), debuts the series at 9 p.m. Wednesday with an episode featuring Joel McHale heading to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Esquire on Tuesday released a sneak peek of the premiere, in which McHale talks about the country's pride in building the Titanic.

"It's amazing thing that this beautiful city celebrates a ship that they built that killed like 1,500 people," he says, deadpan. "I guess you can celebrate anything."

He also taste-tests a potato-filled traditional Irish breakfast.

The 10-episode series is executive produced by Anthony Bourdain and Zero Point Zero Production. Other celebrities featured in subsequent episodes will include Rashida Jones, Aisha Tyler, Chris O'Dowd, Josh Gad, Ryan Kwanton, Eve, Seth Meyers and Aziz Ansari.

, Style presents brand overlap within our portfolio," Bonnie Hammer noted in an internal memo explaining the surprise decision, which will result in layoffs and an employee reshuffling."]