John Boyega, Bella Thorne Battle Jimmy Fallon in Virtual Reality Pictionary

Jimmy Fallon returned to his virtual competition once again during Tuesday night’s Tonight Show, as he battled against John Boyega and Bella Thorne in a game of virtual reality Pictionary.

Partnering with the Pacific Rim star against the Midnight Sun actress and The Roots’ Tariq Trotter, Fallon went first, though visibly struggling to sketch an image for buffalo wings. Confused with Fallon’s sketch, Boyega criticized the late-night host during his turn, saying, “Man, you’re drawing sheepskin.” After failing with his drawing, Fallon took a moment to apologize to his partner and audience. “I apologize to America,” Fallon also added.

Meanwhile, Thorne also struggled with drawing an image for her queen bee clue. Unsure as to how to properly use the equipment, the actress began to verbally describe her clue, leaving Fallon to remind her that they weren’t playing Charades.

Eager for his turn, Boyega quickly began drawing his sketch for belly flop, but as Fallon continuously guessed wrong, the actor began to do body movements to reference his belly. “Oh for frick’s sake! I’m very competitive guys,” Boyega said. Fallon still failed to correctly guess his clue. Despite being a tight race, Fallon and Boyega went on to win after the actor managed to guess Fallon’s sketch for a French kiss.