John Goodman Reveals Which Character in the Stormy Daniels Saga He'd Like to Play

The actor told Seth Meyers that "there's a lot of ways you could go" with his chosen role.
YouTube/Late Night with Seth Meyers

John Goodman has played his fair share of political figures — most notably, Linda Tripp and Rex Tillerson, both on Saturday Night Live — but on Monday's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, the Roseanne star revealed who he wants to take on next. 

"I want to be the thug that threatened Stormy Daniels [real name Stephanie Clifford] in the parking lot," Goodman told Meyers.

The adult film actress revealed in a March appearance on 60 Minutes that in 2011, amid negotiations with Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen for her silence about an alleged affair with President Donald Trump, an as-yet-unidentified man approached her in Las Vegas. "Leave Trump alone. Forget the story," the man said, according to Daniels. She said he then pointed out her daughter and added, "That's a beautiful little girl, it would be a shame if something happened to her mom." Daniels later released a composite sketch of the man on The View in April.

Goodman said "there's a lot of ways you could go" with the role. 

For Meyers, the role of this particular "thug" didn't seem so thugish. "Because of what we're seeing as far as the aptitude of everybody in this administration, he might not have been an effective thug," Meyers joked.

Goodman did his best imitation of Meyers' version, holding out an imaginary item to be autographed, "Before you sign this, could you do me a favor? Just lay off Trump. I love your work." 

The character choice was the latest in the continued casting for what seems to be an inevitable film about the Trump administration.