John Mulaney Faces Budget Cuts in 'SNL' Promo

Saturday Night Live John Mulaney Promo - Screenshot - H 2018

John Mulaney is ready to show everyone that he can do it all.

In the new promo for his upcoming gig hosting Saturday Night Live on April 14, the former SNL writer is shown walking around the NBC building’s restaurant balcony as sitcom music plays.

“I’m so excited for Saturday. We’re going to have big sketches and musical numbers and special celebrity guests,” Mulaney says, only to soon be approached by a crewmember bearing some bad news. “It’s late in the season. Massive budget cuts,” the assistant says.  

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll cover it,” Mulaney responds, pulling out a wad of dollar bills. After the assistant explains that it’s simply prop money he was holding, Mulaney tries to persuade him not to ruin his reputation. “Please don’t embarrass me in a restaurant,” he says.

Mulaney is set to host SNL on April 14 with musical guest Jack White.