John Mulaney Responds to Pete Buttigieg Wanting the Comedian to Play Him in a Biopic

John Mulaney on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — Publicity — H 2020
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

After Mayor Pete Buttigieg stated that he would like to have John Mulaney portray him in a biopic, the comedian is ready to accept the offer. 

While visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, Mulaney addressed Buttigieg's compliment, quick to poke fun at his career. "I've been offered two movies and I am in both of them. Yeah I think you got him," he quipped to the Democratic candidate. 

Mulaney went on to say that the moment was "really cool" for him to see as "I'm from the middle west and he's the mayor of the South Bend." 

After tweeting that he would accept the offer to play Buttigieg in a biopic, Mulaney admitted he received criticism from Democrats not voting for Buttigieg. 

"He's an openly gay veteran of the military, so it's a real good idea to turn down him violently other democrats," Mulaney sarcastically joked, before adding "your tone is crazy." 

Later, Mulaney also discussed how he managed to have Jake Gyllenhaal make a cameo in his Netflix special, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch. 

In the special, Gyllenhaal plays Mr. Music, who teaches kids they can learn music anywhere. Mulaney recalled being impressed with actor's performance in Okja and also with his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live in which he performed "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" during his opening monologue. 

"It's more good than you want it to be," Mulaney said of the performance. "I'd seen him in Sunday in the Park With George, the musical, and I remember watching him and I was like 'I'm never going to be an actor. That guy thinks he's the person. Like he's out of his mind.'" 

Though he envisioned Mr. Music as "ideally Harry Belafonte in 1961," Mulaney knew Gyllenhaal was the perfect person for the role and gave him absolute freedom for his performance. 

He explained that he told the actor "we want you to make any choice that you want." "He know that that meant go real big," Mulaney said. 

After Gyllenhaal threw around ideas, he envisioned something Mulaney couldn't help but praise. "Why don't I play it like I'm from somewhere in Europe and I want to be from the Caribbean," Mulaney says the actor offered, to which Mulaney replied, "I was like you're a genius." 

Later in the show, Mulaney and Fallon played a game called "Hey Robot!"