John Mulaney Returns to 'SNL' With Musicals, Memes and More

John Mulaney returned to NBC's Saturday Night Live to host for a third time — but let the audience know there was no special reason for such a gig. 

"I have nothing coming up; I am here to promote the month of March," he said during his monologue. Though Mulaney was never a member of the cast, he wrote for the show for six seasons.

His first sketch of the night parodied The Sound of Music, with Mulaney playing Rolf and Cecily Strong playing Liesl. They sang a parody version of "Sixteen Going on Seventeen," in which Rolf confessed to being significantly older than he had initially told Liesl. "Honestly, when I first came to the house, I thought you were the mom," Mulaney’s Rolf said, assuring Strong's Liesl that she’s mature for her age.

Another sketch had Mulaney going off on his nephew, Pete Davidson, for turning him into a meme — one featuring Mulaney in an awkward office photo with a caption reading, "When she wanna smash but the pee-pee too small."

In a digital short, Mulaney made fun of castmember Kyle Mooney for being a nerd who couldn’t appear in a sketch about male strippers. Mooney worked out excessively for the sketch, only to learn in the end it was changed to feature nerdy men.

Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant appeared in a sequel to their sketch "The Corporal," a black-and-white classic movie parody in which they play sisters trying to kill each other over their competition for a man's affection. Mulaney appeared as a young sailor in the skit who also caught the attention of the Corporal, played by Beck Bennett. 

Near the end of his SNL return, Mulaney created a trilogy to his successful musical sketches "Diner Lobster" and "Bodega Bathroom," with one parodying various musicals while poking fun at LaGuardia Airport. Jake Gyllenhaal made a guest appearance during the skit, singing as a man who wears pajamas to the airport and actually enjoys being searched by security.