John Mulaney on Touring With Pete Davidson and Hosting 'SNL'

"When we walk around, it looks like an NBA coach and a troubled rookie," the comedian joked about touring with Davidson when he visited 'The Tonight Show' on Thursday.
Courtesy of NBC

John Mulaney and Pete Davidson, both SNL comedians, have been on tour together leading up to Mulaney's second hosting gig this weekend, though the two have very different touring styles.

Mulaney shared a photo of their contrasting dressing rooms when he visited The Tonight Show on Thursday. "I mean, we're a little different people," he said before he shared the photos with the audience. "When we walk around, it looks like an NBA coach and a troubled rookie."

Host Jimmy Fallon first shared a photo of Mulaney's dressing room, which included almond milk, fruit and vegetables organized on a table. He then shared a photo of Davidson's dressing room, which showed an unorganized counter with a remote, cell phone, beer can and a cigarette put out in a water bottle cap.

The comedian added that Davidson usually has five friends, who he called "the homies," that are passed out on his floor.

Mulaney added that he and Davidson swapped outfits during a tour stop in Red Bank, NJ. "Because he made fun of my clothes and he called it an outfit. And I said, 'Well then, why don't you wear a suit and I'll wear your clothes?'" he said. "And so we did that. He brought me something that he would wear and he got a suit and I gave him a tie and we switched."

Fallon then shared a photo of the two comedians in each other's clothes. Davidson posed with one hand in the air, while Mulaney stared at the camera as he gave the photographer the middle finger. The latter wore an oversized flannel and SpongeBob Squarepants pajama bottoms. "He looks fantastic," Mulaney said about Davidson. "And I gotta tell you, I felt fantastic."

Before Mulaney's interview, Davidson joined his touring mate and Fallon for a game of "True Confessions."

Each player was given two envelopes. One envelope had a true confession about the players, while the other envelope contained a lie. Once the player read his confession, the other two would interrogate the player to guess if confession they read was true or false.

Mulaney went first and read that his neighbor was arrested by the FBI for being a cannibal. 

The host next asked if Mulaney was ever suspicious that the supposed neighbor may have been a cannibal. "No, he never said to me in the elevator, 'Guess what. I might be a cannibal,'" he answered.

When the interrogation concluded, Davidson said that he thought the confession was false. "If it was L.A. I would buy it, but I don’t think people eat people here," he said. Fallon also guessed that it was false, though Mulaney quickly revealed that the confession was true.

Fallon's confession was next: "I once went for a beer with a musician and woke up in a hotel room in Nashville," he said.

Davidson seemed very confident it would be true, and Fallon eventually confirmed it was. 

Davidson wrapped up the game by telling them that he went to Jamaica with Lorne Michaels on vacation for New Year's Eve. 

"I really want that to be a lie," responded Mulaney. Fallon added, "I don't know if I would ever, ever go to Jamaica with you."

Davidson revealed during the interrogation that the alleged trip took place during his first season as a Saturday Night Live castmember.

Both Fallon and Mulaney guessed that Davidson's confession was false, though he said that the vacation actually happened. "He was just like, 'I'm going to Jamaica. Do you want to come?'" he recalled. "And I was like, 'F—k yeah, dude.'"

Mulaney also spoke about his upcoming role as the guest host on SNL during the appearance.

While the gig marks his second time hosting the variety show, Mulaney is no stranger to SNL. He previously worked as a writer on the show from 2008 to 2012. "It's totally different now because I'm on camera, whereas before I was like a bus boy and now I'm the maître d'," he noted.

He added that he would occasionally act on camera during his stint as a writer and recalled the first sketch he ever appeared in. "I was just a clipboard operator, you know, when they go like, 'Take five,'" he said. "I was in an Activia yogurt commercial sketch with Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis."

He said that the premise of the sketch was that the yogurt gave people diarrhea. "And I come in, I go like, 'Take one' and then I snapped it and then I walked off camera to go like, 'This way, this way' and then Bobby Moynihan was there and it was my first time on camera, so we start high-fiving," he recalled. "And then I look over and Lorne is staring at us like this and I'm just high-fiving him and I see him and then I realize that I'm late and I've missed my cue."

He said that when he realized his mistake, he ran onstage to deliver is next line. "It was a full lull. I thought no one caught it," he said. Mulaney added that Neal Brennan later pointed out that he was five seconds late during the sketch.

The interview concluded with a clip from the sketch. "I was remarkably calm," Mulaney noted.