John Oliver Advises World Leaders: Stars, Movie Quotes are Keys to Acceptance

John Oliver Last Week Tonight Fan Mail - H 2014
Courtesy of HBO

John Oliver Last Week Tonight Fan Mail - H 2014

On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took on the U.N. General Assembly and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi's scene-stealing performance in New York.

Oliver began by joking that the U.N. confab is "the annual event where delegates come from all over the world to f— up this city's traffic," a sentiment anyone trying to navigate around Manhattan last week knew to be very true.

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He then focused his attention on Modi, saying that he made the biggest impact in his time in the city, including appearing at Saturday night's Global Citizen Festival and hosting a sold-out speech Sunday morning at Madison Square Garden.

At the former, Modi ended his remarks to the crowd, standing in front of Hugh Jackman, by saying "May the force be with you!"

"That is a power move right there: Standing next to Wolverine and throwing out Star Wars quotes," Oliver said.

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"Let me say this to all other world leaders: This is the new bar! Do not turn up to this city again unless you are with an A-list movie star and throwing out quotes from films that they were definitely not in," he added.

Watch Oliver's full segment about Modi taking Manhattan, including his suggestions for other movie quote-star pairings for world leaders.