John Oliver Attacks Civil Forfeiture Laws With 'Law and Order' Spoof Starring Jeff Goldblum

John Oliver Jeff Goldblum H 2014


John Oliver Jeff Goldblum H 2014

John Oliver has proposed an idea for a Law and Order spinoff. 

The HBO host tackled the topic of civil forfeiture laws, which allow state and federal government to seize property from citizens, even if they are not being charged with a crime. "It's not you that's on trial, it's your stuff," he said on Sunday night. "At this point, I'm surprised objects don't have their own civil rights leaders, like Martin Scooter King or Harvey Carton of Milk!"

Oliver also noted how local departments are looking for, keeping and outrageously spending the forfeiture money (margaritas, anyone?) and also aired security footage from a Detroit art gallery's funk-themed event, which operated without a liquor license and resulted in attendees' cars being towed, or "the single funkiest shakedown in human history."

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Of the laws, he concluded, "We've really got two choices: We can take a hard look at reforming them, or at the very least, we need to reform our network cop dramas to make them a lot more representative of what is actually happening." He then aired his pitch for Law and Order: Civil Asset Forfeiture Unit, "a procedural about law enforcement's shadiest procedure" in which "the defendants are inanimate, but the drama is anything but." What would the show entail? A sofa getting cuffed and Jeff Goldblum questioning a pile of money.

Watch the segment below, followed by outtakes of Goldblum in the interrogation room.

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