John Oliver Bought Russell Crowe's Jockstrap for Alaska's Last Blockbuster Video

John Oliver on Sunday revealed that his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, did indeed buy the jockstrap Russell Crowe wore in Cinderella Man during the actor's recent divorce auction.

The only part of the news that was more entertaining was that Oliver said he was going to send the piece of movie history, along with a few other items of Crowe's from assorted films, to the last remaining Blockbuster Video in Alaska. 

Last Week Tonight paid $7,000 for the jockstrap, Oliver said. 

Along with that piece, the HBO show bought a pair of shorts and robe from the 2005 boxing film. Also purchased were a hood Crowe wore in Robin Hood and a vest he wore in Les Miserables, among other items. 

Before he revealed that his show bought the jockstrap, Oliver did a short piece on the news that all but one of the few remaining Blockbuster videos in the country — specifically in Alaska — recently closed. 

With slower streaming services and more expensive rates in Alaska, the video stores will be able to exist far longer there than in the continental U.S. 

Oliver said the final remaining Blockbuster had 48 hours to contact the show, and all the Crowe items would be the store's for display.