John Oliver: If Donald Trump Becomes President, "This Planet Might Not Be Around in Another 17 Years"

John Oliver Cicadas H 2016

John Oliver Cicadas H 2016

John Oliver isn't sure of the world's fate, especially if Donald Trump wins the presidential election.

"Enjoy the world while you have the chance because, to be honest, depending on how things go in November, this planet might not be around in another 17 years," the Last Week Tonight host said in a new video.

Oliver shared the warning while addressing the impending swarm of cicadas, who will emerge in the Northeast after spending 17 years underground. The host shared everything notable since 1999.

"We voted in a second President Bush by a narrow margin and rejected a third President Bush by an enormous margin," he said before noting the highlights of technology, sports and pop culture news: a white musician won a best rapper Grammy, Dr. Dre is an electronics mogul, and reruns of Bill Cosby's sitcom are, he simply said, "a lot scarcer now." He added of Beyonce: "The lead singer of R&B group Destiny's Child is essentially our queen now."

"Amazingly, we all just stopped paying for music and porn — and I think we’ve gotten away with it!"

Watch the video below.