HBO's John Oliver Digs at 'Entourage' Movie in FIFA Recap

The 'Last Week Tonight' host compared it to 'United Passions,' the FIFA-financed drama that beyond bombed at the box office.
John Oliver

While celebrating the resignation of FIFA president Sepp Blatter on Sunday, John Oliver made a dig at fellow HBO property, Entourage.

The Last Week Tonight host noted that Blatter stepped down just before Friday's release of United Passions, the fictionalized film of the soccer-governing organization's history that stars Tim Roth as Blatter. The budget for writer-director Frederic Auburtin's film is estimated at between $25 million to $32 million, with FIFA said to have put up about three-quarters of the money. 

"The reviews so far have been phenomenal," reported Oliver. "The Guardian said that, 'as cinema it is excrement.' And The New York Times called it 'one of the most unwatchable films in recent history.'

"And remember, this is the same week the Entourage movie came out!" he continued, before flashing the film's hashtag #TheBoysAreBack on the screen.

United Passions beyond bombed in its limited debut in 10 theaters, earning a measly $607 on Friday and Saturday, according to those with access to Rentrak figures.