'Last Week Tonight' Misspells Garry Shandling's Name in Opening Credits Tribute

Garry Shandling GETTY 4 - H 2016
Vince Bucci/Getty Images

John Oliver's Last Week Tonight returned with a new episode on Sunday night and briefly paid tribute to late fellow HBO star Garry Shandling, but appeared to make an unfortunate spelling error while doing so.

The show added a picture of Shandling to the end of its opening credits but spelled his name "Gary Shandling." A note above the picture read "Signum Sayus 'Applesaucus'," a reference to Jeffrey Tambor's Larry Sanders Show character's recurring joke about the studio's "Applause" sign.

Last Week Tonight's credits feature a series of images presented in an encyclopedia style with fake Latin descriptions. For instance, Oliver is described as "Hostus Mostus." Other regular images include an "On the Air" sign, with the phrase "Carpe Weekem," and an allusion to Oliver's brief televangelist church Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption with a picture of his televangelist character's wife and the description "Carpe Semen," in light of the unwanted donations the church received.

Last Week Tonight was off on Sunday, March 27, days after Shandling unexpectedly died, shocking the comedy world.

Shandling's Larry Sanders Show, a dark comedy set backstage at a fictional late-night talk show, ran from 1992-1998 on HBO and the network plans to re-air episodes of the series and make it available on HBO Go and HBO Now. The show, which Shandling co-created and starred in, was the first cable series to be nominated in major Emmy categories.

The misspelled Garry Shandling tribute was still present in the version of Sunday night's episode on HBO Go on Monday morning. HBO has not yet responded to The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.