John Oliver Explains How to Revise New Year's Resolutions After Inevitably Not Keeping Them

"The key to a successful resolution is not hard work; it's managing disappointment — and that's it."
Courtesy of HBO
John Oliver

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver kicked off 2016 with a note about New Year's resolutions, or "the exact middle ground between lying to yourself and lying to other people."

Though the HBO show is on hiatus until Feb. 14, a short video on the topic was posted online to note a more realistic strategy to managing months of expectations.

"Every December, for some reason, we decide that next year will be the one when everything turns around," he says. "But let's be honest: we're a few days into the New Year now, and you haven't broken your resolutions yet, statistically, you are about to. And that can be depressing but don't panic, all hope is not lost because the key thing to resolutions is not how to keep them, it's how to revise them once you've failed."

The host explains how to properly edit expectations related to exercise and healthy eating. That way, “you haven’t failed your New Year’s resolutions, you’ve just succeeded in a different way."

He concludes, "The key to a successful resolution is not hard work; it's managing disappointment  and that's it."

Watch the video below.