John Oliver Says "Goodbye Forever" After Koala Chlamydia Ward Is Named After Him

Is it all over? For real? 

John Oliver gave his fans a scare Sunday night after he finished a segment on Last Week Tonight proclaiming he was "done" after achieving his "one and only goal" for the show — that of a "koala chlamydia ward."

The rather unusual achievement happened after actor Russell Crowe one-upped the comedian by donating some of the proceeds of his recent divorce auction, namely the $7,000 that Oliver paid for the jockstrap from Cinderella Man and then donated to the only surviving Blockbuster Video store in America.

Crowe was touched by Oliver's stunt and responded in kind, tweeting a specially created video of the Irwins unveiling The John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward at the famed Australia Zoo.

Intimating that he could never top an emergency medical unit to treat koala STDs named in his honor, Oliver proceeded to pack up the set and bid "goodbye forever" to the studio audience and everyone at home. His farewell was so earnest that it left some wondering whether it was real. With no announcement from HBO, it's safe to assume Oliver was joking. 

See the video above and Crowe's tweets below.