John Oliver Slams "Cult" Sinclair for Anti-Media Segments

John Oliver once again aimed fire at Sinclair Broadcast Group for its increasingly unsubtle and extreme conservative bias on Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight

Oliver took an in-depth look at Sinclair last July, in which he highlighted how the little-noticed broadcast grab was potentially dangerous. On Sunday, he returned to the topic after a Deadspin video showing dozens of Sinclair newsrooms around the country parroting to camera the same Orwellian anti-media message went viral.

The Deadspin story followed on from a CNN report that Sinclair was forcing local newsrooms around the country to air "must run" packages that were akin to "pro-Trump propaganda."

Oliver replayed the Deadspin video and reiterated how dangerous and pernicious the "must run" segments were especially when people "realize the true effect of Sinclair’s reach and power.”

He ended the segment by describing Sinclair and those who work there as a "brainwashed cult." 

See the Sinclair segment above.