John Oliver Slams Florida Governor and Jared Kushner on 'Last Week Tonight'

John Oliver screenshot - H 2020

After making a return last week following a break due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, John Oliver once again tackled all things COVID-19 during Sunday's Last Week Tonight.

Acknowledging that it's been a "long and difficult week" for many as the world continues to endure the pandemic, Oliver noted that "the federal response under Trump has made things worse," criticizing the president for seemingly expressing that if 200,000 deaths result from the coronavirus instead of millions, "we have done a very good job." 

"Setting aside the fact that leading disease forecasters are mystified at how Trump got to those numbers, trying to spin 200,000 deaths as a good job because it’s not millions, is the most callous way to minimize the deaths of Americans imaginable," the late night host fired back.

Oliver then took a moment to blast Jared Kushner, whom he described as an "alt-right Pinocchio," after he claimed during a press conference that states shouldn’t depend on a federal stockpile of medical supplies because it was for the federal government’s use, not for the states. "Wait, our stockpile? It’s not your stockpile. It’s a national stockpile for use by the United States you fucking moron," Oliver said of Kushner. "And here’s the interesting thing about the United States, it’s almost entirely made of states. There’s states everywhere. I’d say more than 40 of them, Jared. And some parts of them badly need supplies right now, like the city you used to live in, and I pray you never show your polished fucking face again." 

Oliver also found issue with Trump repeatedly suggesting that it's the states' responsibility to fix things. 

"Your fate may come down now to how good your governor is," Oliver said, as he proceeded to discuss the different ways in which state governors have handled the pandemic, in particular the "actively irresponsible" including Republican Governors Ron DeSantis (Florida), Brian Kemp (Georgia) and Kay Ivey (Alabama). Though disappointed with how each governor has handled the pandemic, there's one governor in particular with whom Oliver took issue: DeSantis.

The Florida governor recently received backlash after announcing his decision to allow religious groups to gather, something Oliver expressed his frustration over: "Even when DeSantis finally did the right thing this week [by issuing a statewide stay-at-home order], he still managed to fuck it up," he said. "You're not protected from coronavirus just because you're in church," the late night host said. 

Oliver also criticized Kemp for failing to understand that asymptomatic people could spread COVID-19, something Oliver says was known since February. 

Meanwhile, of Gov. Ivey refusing to issue a stay-at-home order because they aren’t California or New York, Oliver quipped: "I’ll give her this: Alabama isn’t California or New York. It is, of course, Alabama, a state whose flag says 'We’re working on it,' whose seal says 'This is where Alabama is' and its facts page on 50 is 50 facts about Indiana.”

Oliver called the manner in which the particular governors are handling the pandemic “infuriating." He then referred to a clip in which Kushner said this was a moment in time where some leaders will show that they are "better managers than others."

"Yeah, no shit Jared. Certain people are better managers than others and it seems certain other people are content to sit back and watch the bad ones make decisions that will cost people’s lives all in the hopes that Americans will all learn a valuable lesson while dying," he said. 

Later, Oliver took an issue with the "love affair" Trump has with OAN Network.

Watch the entire segment below.