John Oliver Taunts Jon Stewart With Bleepless Swearing, Pantless Hosting (Video)

UPDATED: On his return to "The Daily Show," Oliver told Stewart: "HBO will let me say whatever the f--- I want."
John Oliver

John Oliver followed the lead of Stephen Colbert and dropped by his old stomping grounds at The Daily Show on Thursday.

The new host of HBO's Last Week Tonight dropped by during a segment about Prince William and Kate Middleton's trip to Australia and New Zealand. After the show introduced its new Senior British Correspondent, Oliver stopped by to criticize Stewart for replacing him as the show's British expert with people doing fake British accents.

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"We had to get you over here somehow; it was the only way we knew how," Stewart said. "Would you like to sit down and catch up?"

Oliver then made his way over to the news desk, where he revealed what he's been doing since he left the show four months ago (not working) and reveled in the freedom provided by HBO.

"HBO will let me say whatever the f--- I want," Oliver remarked.

In fact, he'd gotten so used to swearing freely on television, he didn't understand what that "weird beeping sound" was when he cursed on The Daily Show.

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"HBO lets me curse my f---ing cock off," Oliver added. "And the nudity, Jon. I'm pantsless in my first three episodes."

Oliver's HBO show, Last Week Tonight, premieres on Sunday. He has been making the late-night circuit. Earlier this week, he chatted with Jimmy Fallon about his recent appearance on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Oliver is the second Daily Show alum to pay Stewart a visit this week. Wednesday night, David Letterman's Late Show replacement, Colbert, stopped by The Daily Show to tell Stewart why he is leaving The Colbert Report.

"Jon, please, I'm ending my show," Colbert said. "I have to. Jon, don't beg me to stay. You see, there is no mountain left to climb. It's become clear to me I've won television. At this point, I'm just running up the score."