Johnny Depp Kisses Up to Jimmy Kimmel, Again

The newly engaged actor still found time for some fun flirtation with the talk show host.
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Despite brandishing a sparkling engagement ring on his finger, Johnny Depp hasn't forgotten his past passion with Jimmy Kimmel.

The Transcendence star was a guest on Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the host mocked heartbreak over Depp's impending marriage to Amber Heard.

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"The last time you were here [in July 2013], we kissed, had some chemistry, and then the next thing I know you are engaged," said Kimmel as he complained about the snub.

"I feel bad about it…but I feel between you and I, it's an anything goes kind of thing," said Depp mysteriously as he rubbed his mouth with lip balm, adding: "Oh, you're in."

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"I would love to go on the honeymoon with you," said Kimmel. Depp promised he would ask Amber's permission.

The actor went on to talk about his upcoming sci-fi drama and his hatred of packing -- "I have an aversion to packing or unpacking. I have suits and bags still unpacked from Edward Scissorhands. They are in storage like little time capsules," he confessed.

Finally Kimmel got his wish, however, and the heartthrob leaned in and gave the talk show host a huge kiss on the face.