Watch Jon Cryer Perfectly Recreate His 'Pretty in Pink' Record Store Dance With James Corden (Video)

Complete with that blazer and hairdo.
Jon Cryer and James Corden

Who plays a better Duckie: Jon Cryer or James Corden?

Fresh off wrapping Two and a Half Men and now promoting his book, the actor — properly equipped with that blazer and hairdo — recreated his iconic Pretty in Pink record store dance sequence alongside the Late Late Show host on Tuesday night.

Set to Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness," their reprise hit every every fist-pounding, wall-dancing, pelvic-thrusting memorable move of the legendary lip-sync.

Howard Deutch's 1986 film, about cliques clashing in the lead up to prom, also starred Molly Ringwald, James Spader and Andrew McCarthy.

Watch the recreation below, followed by the original.

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