Jon Hamm Answers Teen Girls' Questions and Makes Music (Video)

Jon Hamm Ask a Grown Man Screengrab - H 2012

Jon Hamm Ask a Grown Man Screengrab - H 2012

Need love advice? Forget asking your friends or family, or even the relationships columnist for your favorite magazine; Jon Hamm has you covered.

The Mad Men star plays serious on the Emmy-winning AMC drama, but he's got a knack for comedy. Already shown in his roles in Bridesmaids, Friends with Kids and Todd Margaret, Hamm can go goofy and droll, qualities both on display in two new viral videos.

The actor, complete with a strong five o'clock shadow and a t-shirt celebrating his native St. Louis Cardinals' World Series win, answered questions from teenage girls in Rookie Magazine's "Ask a Grown Man" segment, addressing everything from breakups to hookups, and even passing gas ("everybody farts," he reassures a reader who unsurprisingly posted a question anonymously).

In a second clip, Hamm hearkens back to the sitcom Taxi, dropping a few verses about the show over a beat created by comedian/musician Reggie Watts. It's a promo for the upcoming IFC series Comedy Bang! Bang! and promises, at the very least, that the show will be unpredictable.