Jon Hamm, Emily Ratajkowski Get Competitive in Charades

Jimmy Fallon met his match during Tuesday night’s Tonight Show, as he battled against Jon Hamm and Emily Ratajkowski in a game of charades.  

Partnering with the model against the Beirut actor and The Roots' Tariq Trotter, Fallon was surprised after Ratajkowski was quick to guess his walrus impression as a clue for the song “I Am the Walrus.” After quickly scoring a point, the late-night host danced and celebrated eccentrically, something Hamm found confusing.

“You got one point. Feels like an outsized reaction,” Hamm quipped at the late-night host, also implying that Fallon shouldn’t celebrate just yet.

Meanwhile, Hamm and Trotter proved to be tough competition after the actor managed to successfully guess The Horse Whisperer after one gesture. “Sometimes you have to act like you’ve been there Jimmy,” Hamm said, leaving Fallon to joke that it wasn’t difficult to guess a film with the word “horse” in it.

Eager to remain up-to-par, Fallon quickly guessed Ratajkowski’s clue for the film Chicken Run. “Yeah, I’ve been there a couple of times man,” Fallon told Hamm. 

The competition remained fierce heading into the final round. Watch the clip below to see who won.