Jon Hamm Mocks '90s Dating Show Appearance: I Deserved to Lose (Video)

Also on the late-night shows, Seth Meyers unveils another "Mad Men" parody and Tracy Morgan confuses himself with Will Smith.

Jon Hamm may be a sex symbol, but he didn't always get the girl. After footage of him getting passed over on a '90s dating show went viral, the Mad Men star told Craig Ferguson he isn't surprised the woman didn't pick him. "Would you have picked me!?" Hamm asked after viewing the clip, in which he sported a middle-part bowl cut and uttered the word "fabulousity."

On Late Night, Seth Meyers got into the Mad Men spirit, playing a modern-day Don Draper trying to pitch to Sunkist using the image of girls in bikinis (with giant "grapefruits").

On ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a blindfolded Tracy Morgan was tasked with guessing which celebrity had starred in a cop-comedy movie with Bruce Willis. Morgan's guess? Will Smith. The correct answer ... ? Tracy Morgan, in 2010's Cop Out. Morgan got it right on the second try.