Jon Hamm Spends '7 Minutes in Heaven,' Meets the Tickle Spider (Video)

Jon Hamm 7 Minutes in Heaven Yahoo - H 2012

Jon Hamm 7 Minutes in Heaven Yahoo - H 2012

Don Draper's discomfort during the famed "Zou Bisou Bisou" scene on Sunday night's Mad Men can't touch the awkwardness in Jon Hamm's latest video endeavour.

The star steps into comedy writer Mike O'Brien's star-magnet closet in the newest webisode of 7 Minutes in Heaven, showing off the deft comedic touch that has been seen in Bridesmaids, Friends With Kids and IFC's Todd Margaret.

From reading a "spoiler" scene from this season's final episode of Mad Men -- it is quite un-Draper-like -- to discussing the proper way to say goodbye to a British gentleman, Hamm proves himself game for anything. Especially at the end.