Jon Stewart Accuses Obama of Catching MSNBCitis: "Symptoms Include Cancellation" (Video)

Prepare to find out what Obama would look like if he were Superman.
Jon Stewart on Monday's 'Daily Show'

Does President Obama have a bad case of MSNBCitis?

On Monday's Daily Show, Jon Stewart pointed out that conservatives have criticized Obama for not using the words "Islamic extremists" to describe members of ISIS.

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Stewart showed a clip of Obama explaining that the U.S. shouldn't grant "religious legitimacy" to the terrorist group by associating it with Islam. Stewart then said he was shocked that Obama "still thinks he can persuade us with reasoned argument."

"Obama thinks if he just sits down and explains things to us in a calm, reasoned, slightly annoyed tone, everyone will get it," Stewart said. "It's what the medical community calls MSNBCitis." Stewart added of the supposed ailment: "Symptoms include cancellation." That was a reference to the cable network recently canceling shows fronted by Ronan Farrow and Joy-Ann Reid.

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Following suggestions from media figures that Obama should strengthen his response to ISIS, Stewart then showed video in which Obama's head was superimposed on the body of numerous film heroes, including Superman, Rambo and the president from Independence Day.

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