Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly Face Off Over Shrimp (Video)

Following the Fox News' host's criticism of the lavish spending that led to the head of the General Services Administration resigning, the "Daily Show" invites him to play a game on-air.
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Generally finding themselves on the opposite sides of ideological and political debates, Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly's latest clash comes over a more ground-level issue: the price of shrimp.

Earlier in the week, Martha N. Johnson, the head of the federal government's General Services Administration (which manages the nation's real estate) resigned from her office when the price tag for a lavish party the GSA threw in Las Vegas became public. Amongst the eye-popping charges was the jumbo price tag for shrimp, at $4 a crustacean. It's not that Stewart thought that was a fair rate for the sea appetizer; he just quite enjoyed O'Reilly's spirited rant against rampant government spending, as embodied by the cold seafood. 

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And so, he invited O'Reilly onto his own show to play a little game, simply titled, "Can You Make Bill O'Reilly Pay $4 for a Shrimp?"

A few scenarios:

- O'Reilly has to buy a shrimp a day to fix a medical condition; one store, which charges 27 cents per shrimp, donates its profits to the ACLU, while the other, which charges $4 a shrimp, donates its cash to a foundation that restores burnt flags.

- $4 for a shrimp that was wrapped in a $10 bill. 

- Aliens have invaded earth, and a shrimp-cannon could save the planet.

Watch for O'Reilly's amusing responses:

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