Jon Stewart to Bill O'Reilly: 'You Reproduce Books Like Mold' (Video)

Jon Stewart Bill O'Reilly Split - H 2013
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Jon Stewart Bill O'Reilly Split - H 2013

When it comes to writing books, Bill O'Reilly is prolific -- and in Jon Stewart's opinion, a little too prolific.

The host of The O'Reilly Factor stopped by The Daily Show on Wednesday night for another extended, self-aware chat with his friendly rival.

This time around, the conversation ranged from quips about cable news to the myriad scandals facing the Obama administration to how the Fox News host manages to write books so quickly. 

"I feel like Stephen King looks at you and goes, 'slow down, buddy,'" Stewart quipped. "It's like you reproduce books like mold."

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O'Reilly appeared on the program to promote his latest book, Keep it Pithy: Useful Observations in a Tough World, which he described as culling what he learned from his time as the O'Reilly Factor host. Stewart subsequently held up the book to show the audience how thin the title looked. 

From there, the conversation veered to the Obama administration's IRS scandal -- in which the agency is accused of targeting conservative organizations unfairly. O'Reilly gave his "educated speculation" that the IRS scrutinized the Tea Party groups after their 2010 midterm success. 

With all the scandal beseting the White House, The Daily Show host wanted O'Reilly to clarify one thing about his employer: "How happy is everyone over there?" The Fox News host just waved off the barb, saying "this is ridiculous." 

O'Reilly, however, turned the tables by bringing up Stewart's planned leave of absence for twelve weeks this summer from his Comedy Central hosting duties (he's directing a movie), joking that the Daily Show host had been fired. 

"Keep it Pithy is on the book shelves now, look for it next to the ten other f---ing books he wrote," Stewart quipped. 

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