Jon Stewart Praises and Thanks Boston in Wake of Marathon Bombing (Video)

Jon Stewart Headshot - P 2012
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Jon Stewart Headshot - P 2012

Jon Stewart gave a brief but impassioned personal statement about the Boston Marathon Bombing on Tuesday night, offering up kind words for the brave people in a devastated city.

Noting how many other violent tragedies the country has faced in recent years, Stewart -- whose teary response to September 11th, 2001 is now a media landmark -- wanted to keep his remarks on the short side, offering one simple, direct message.

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“I’m just going to say this to Boston: Thank you," he said. "Thank you for -- in the face of gross inhumanity -- inspiring and solidifying my belief in humanity and the people of this country."

As a long-time New Yorker, Stewart also noted the rivalry between his city and the hub of New England, trading the usual barbs for brotherhood.

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"Oftentimes the two cities are accusing each other of various levels of suckitude," he said. "But it is in situations like this that we realize it is clearly a sibling rivalry and that we are your brothers and sisters. In this type of event, as a city that knows the feeling of confusion, anger, and grief, and chaos that comes with these events, I can tell you from personal experience, you’ve got a hell of a city going there. And you’ve done an incredible job in the face of all of this."

New York has made several gestures of solidarity with Boston in recent days, from Yankee Stadium playing the Fenway Park staple "Sweet Caroline" to various "NY loves Boston" images projected through the five boroughs.

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