Jon Stewart Mocks Brian Williams' Fire-Alarm Mishap on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

"Hey kids, when faced with a fire, stop, drop and be handsome," he joked of Williams, who continued to read the news through the alarm Tuesday night, before the news anchor made his own appearance on the show with a bullhorn.
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After making its way around the internet Wednesday, video of the fire alarm that interrupted Brian Williams' NBC Nightly News broadcast Tuesday, Nov. 29, got even more airtime with a segment on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show

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The comedian mocked Williams, who said to viewers Tuesday, "You'll forgive us, we have a fire alarm going off here in the studio" before attempting to continue delivering the night's news despite buzzing and emergency announcements playing in the background. 

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"No I will not forgive you," Stewart jokingly sniped. "I do not tune in to the No. one national newscast to have my current events interrupted with technical hijinks," he continued before calling out Williams for his volunteer fireman status in New Jersey. 

"Fire alarm goes off in the studio ... and your example to the kids is 'stay on prompter'? 'Hey kids, when faced with a fire, stop, drop and be handsome," quipped the Comedy Central host. 

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But it was Williams who got the last laugh, interrupting Stewart's show with a bullhorn, before telling the comedian he had to go do his show, saying, "we call it addressing the nation." 

Watch The Daily Show segment below.


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